Publication Highlights

Inherent structure energy is a good indicator of molecular mobility in glasses
J Helfferich, I Lyubimov, D Reid, JJ de Pablo
Soft Matter 2016 12 (27), 5898-5904

Continuous-time random-walk approach to supercooled liquids. I. Different definitions of particle jumps and their consequences
J Helfferich, F Ziebert, S Frey, H Meyer, J Farago, A Blumen, J Baschnagel
Physical Review E 2014, 89 (4), 042603

Glass formers display universal non-equilibrium dynamics on the level of single-particle jumps
J Helfferich, K Vollmayr-Lee, F Ziebert, H Meyer, J Baschnagel
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 2015, 109 (3), 36004