INT | Scanning Probe Lithography

A self-correcting inking strategy for cantilever arrays addressed by an inkjet printer and used for dip-pen nanolithography

  • Author:

    Y. H. Wang, L. R. Giam, M. Park, S. Lenhert, H. Fuchs, C. A. Mirkin 

  • Source:

    Small 4 (2008) 1666-1670 

  • Date: 2008
  • The challenge of multiplexing in dip-pen nanolithography with 1D and 2D cantilever arrays is addressed through an inkjet-printing-enabled method for inking pens in an array with different chemical reagents. A new surface-modification strategy directs the ink droplets to the tips of the cantilevers. This method provides control over the inking process and marks a major step towards high-throughput, multiplexed, nanoscale patterning of soft matter.