Low Power Electronics with Advanced Materials

From devices to integrated circuits and systems

Our research is currently devided into three topics

  • Printed electronics
  • Modelling and virtualization of electronic systems
  • VLSI circuit design and hybrid electronic systems

We are an interdisciplanary group of electrical engineers, computer scientist, physicists and material scientists working at two locations, KIT campus north and Offenburg University of Applied Sciences. Our methods and technical expertise include the fabrication and electrical characterization of electronic devices such as printed electrolyte-gated transistors as well as printed passive structures such as diodes, resistors, capacitors, simulation techniques such as AC/DC circuit analysis, compact modeling (SPICE), Monte- Carlo-simulation, design and layout of electronic devices and circuits, RFID/NFC chip design, EDA-software tools (e.g. Cadence), library development and P-cells for printed electronics. Recent research includes the design, fabrication and characterization of hybrid systems consisting of printed and silicon components.

If you are interested in our research or seek job oppertunities do not hesitate to contact us.

Publications - Editor's picks

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