Integrated Quantum-Optics and Optomechanics

Please note: We have moved to the University of Münster:

Welcome to the homepage of our lab. The group was established in October 2011 at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany, led by Prof. Dr. Wolfram Pernice within the framework of the Emmy-Noether Programm (DFG funded). Research in the group is focused on the use of nano-photonics and nano-mechanics to realize novel functionality of integrated optical chips. Have a look at some of our recent work at the research pages.

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Nature Photonics

Our paper on photonic memories appears in Nature Photonics, hits news.

Read the paper >> 

KIT press release >> 

Science magazine news by Robert Service

Report in Gizmodo

APL cover Nico
APL Cover Article

Nico's contribution to atom clad waveguides in collaboration with R. Löw and T. Pfau at Uni Stuttgart appears on the cover of APL. Read the paper >>

APL coverS
APL Cover Article

Simone's article on multi-photon detection appears on the cover of APL. Read the article>>

AOM Cover
AOM Cover Article

Patrik's work on surface functionalized diamond devices appears on the cover of Advanced Optical Materials.

Congrats Professor!

Wolfram was appointed as a Professor! Congratulations from all the Pernice Group members!

APL cover P
APL Cover Article

Patrik's paper on diamond electro-optomechanical resonators is on the cover of APL. Read the article>>

Telekom Stiftung
Deutsche Telekom Stiftung

Patrik wins prestigious Deutsche Telekom Stiftung scholarship. Well done!

Patrik Rath KDOP award
KDOP publication award

Patrik Rath wins the KDOP outstanding publication award in the research area "Photonic Materials & Devices" for his work on diamond optomechanics. Congratulations!

Berlin EPCOS
Presentation Award

Carlos wins the outstanding presentation award at this year's Phase Change and Ovonics Symposium (EPCOS). Congratulations!

KHYS Scholarship

Svetlana wins KHYS scholarship to work at Yale University as a visting assistant in research. Congratulations!

Junge Akademie

Wolfram is elected to the Junge Akademie an der Berlin-Brandenburgischen Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Deutschen Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina.

Design präsentiert Wissenschaft

We take part in the Science Vision conference. Read more >>

Diamond Optomech
Nature Communications

Patrik's paper on Diamond Optomechanical devices is published by Nature Communications.

Press release.

Helmholtz International Research Group

Our lab will form part of an international collaboration with MSPU in Moskau to develop fast single photon chips. Read more.

Nature Communications

Our paper on waveguide single photon detectors is published by Nature Communications. Press Release.

Micrograph Award
Raith Micrograph Award

Patrik is awarded the 2nd place in the 2012 Raith Micrograph Award. Congratulations!

Research Highlight
Research Highlight

Our proposal of an all-optical, non-volatile memory element is highlighted by Nature Photonics.

Joint Project

We are awarded seed funding to investigate novel imaging methods for single biological emitters. The project is part of the Karlsruhe-Heidelberg Research Initiative (HEiKA).

APL Cover
Cover Article

We make the cover of APL with our paper on non-volatile photonic memories using phase-change materials. >>link

New DFG Project

Our group is awarded project funding to investigate the properties of hybrid chalcogenide-nanophotonic circuits in collaboration with H. Bhaskaran  and D. Wright at the University of Exeter and R. Agarwal at U. Penn.

Optomechanical Memory

Our new paper in Nature Nanotechnology describes the realization of a non-volatile memory element driven by opto-mechanical interactions.

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