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Photonic Nanostructures

Historically, optical lithography was considered to be limited by the Abbe diffraction barrier, which lead to the belief that no grating much smaller than half the wavelength of light could be fabricated. With demonstration of the stimulated emission depletion (STED) mechanism, it is now feasible to break this barrier.

At the INT, by combining STED ideas with direct laser writing (DLW), we can produce photonic crystals with band gaps at visible frequencies. We are also working on integrating nanomechnical elements with optical elements on a single chip, which could be useful for future telecommunication devices.


Research Projects | Publications

Theoretical nanooptics
Theoretical Nanooptics

Applications of light interactions to nanostructures

Carsten Rockstuhl

Integrated Quantum-Optics and Optomechanics
Integrated Quantum-Optics and Optomechanics

Using nano-photonics and mechanics for integrated optical chips

Wolfram Pernice

advanced optical lithography
Advanced Optical Lithography

Advanced optical fabrication techniques for artificial photonic materials

Martin Wegener