A. Eichhöfer

Dr. Andreas Eichhöfer

  • X-Ray Radiation Safety Officer 

Scientific CV

 Study  04.1991/06.1993 Ph.D. thesis with Prof. Dr. D. Fenske, Anorganische Chemie Universität Karlsruhe(TH),
"Synthese und Röntgenstruktur von Kupfer-, Silber-,  Zink- und Cadmiumkomplexen mit Phosphido-Brückenliganden"
 Positions  09.1993/06.1995 Post Doc with Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. G.Fritz (Karlsruhe)
"Polymere 1, 3, 5, 7 -Tetrasilaadamantane" (keramische Hochleistungswerkstoffe)
   07.1995/08.1998 Research scientist in the framework of the BMBF projekt "Darstellung von II-V und II-VI Halbleiter-Nanoclustern" in the group of Prof. Dr. D. Fenske (Karlsruhe)
   since 09.1998 senior scientist at the new founded institute of nanotechnology (INT) in the Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe and establishment of the inorganic chemistry laboratories
   since 10.2002 university teaching positions for undergraduate and graduate students in inorganic chemistry (complex chemistry, transition metals, optical and magnetic properties) at the university of Karlsruhe
   04.2003/10.2003 replacement of a professorship for analytical chemistry at the university of Essen
   since 11.2012 adjunct professorship at the Lehn institute of Functional Materials at the Sun Yat Sen University of Guangzhou

Research Interests

  • Synthesis and structural characterization of binary and ternary semiconductor cluster molecules composed of transition metals in combination with chalcogen elements.   
  • Single crystal and powder X-ray analysis.   
  • Investigation of size dependent properties (Quantum size effect) of the as synthesized nanoclusters including optical, electronic and magnetic properties.
  • Thermal decomposition (TGA, DSC) of the cluster molecules in order to fabricate new nanostructured and / or metastable binary and ternary phases for e. g. use as battery materials.

Selected Publications

  • Magnetic anisotropy in trigonal planar Fe(II) bis(trimethylsilyl)amido complexes of the type [Fe{N(SiMe3)2}2L] - experiment and theory 
    T.  Bodenstein, A. Eichhöfer, Dalton Trans., 2019, 48, 15699 - 15712.
  • Optical properties of trinuclear metal chalcogenolato complexes; room temperature NIR fluorescence in [Cu2Ti(SPh)6(PPh3)2]  
    M. Kühn, S. Lebedkin, F. Weigend, A. Eichhöfer, Dalton Trans. 2017, 1502-1509. 
  • Slow magnetic relaxation in trigonal-planar mononuclear Fe(II) and Co(II) bis(trimethylsilyl)amido complexes; a comparative study
    A. Eichhöfer, Y. Lan, V. Mereacre, T. Bodenstein, F. Weigend, Inorg. Chem. 2014, 53, 1962−1974.
  • Red-luminescent biphosphine stabilized 'Cu12S6' cluster molecules
    X.-X. Yang, I. Issac, S. Lebedkin, M. Kühn, F. Weigend, D. Fenske, O. Fuhr, A. Eichhöfer, Chem. Comm. 2014, 50, 11043 – 11045.
  • Synthesis and Structure of an “Iron-Doped” Copper Selenide Cluster Molecule: [Cu30Fe2Se6(SePh)24(dppm)4]
    A. Eichhöfer, J. Olkowska-Oetzel, D. Fenske, K. Fink, V. Mereacre, A. K. Powell, G. Buth, Inorg. Chem. 2009, 48, 8977 – 8984.
  • Chalcogen bridged copper clusters
    S. Dehnen, A. Eichhöfer, D. Fenske, Eur. J. Inorg. Chem., 2002, 279 – 317.



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