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SEM/TEM Sample Preparation

Sample Preparation Tools

A collection of the main tools for coating, grinding and polishing available with the electron microscopy & spectroscopy group for SEM and TEM sample preparation. In addition, a number of optical microscopes are available and a glovebox for handling of samples under an inert atmosphere.

 1. Fischione 1040 NanoMill


Low-voltage argon ion polishing system for site selective thinning of TEM sample

2. JEOL Cross Section Polisher II

JEOL Cross Section Polisher II 

Large area argon ion beam cross-section and plane view preparation.

3. Precission Ion Polishing System

Gatan PIPS

  • Gatan 691 PIPS with additional low-voltage argon ion polishing system and optional cryo cooling
  • Gatan 691 PIPS with additional low-voltage argon ion polishing system


4. Electro Polishing

Struers TenuPol-5 electropolishing system

5. Bulk Preparation

  • Sommer GS-1000 wire saw
  • Gatan 656 dimple grinder
  • Gatan 623 disc grinder
  • Tegramin polisher
  • Struers RotoPol-25 polisher
  • Struers LaboPress-1 infiltration system

6. Leica EM UC7 Ultramicrotome

Leica EM UC7
Preparation of ultrathin slices of polymers and composites using various diamond knifes.

7. Fischione 1020 Plasma Cleaner

Fischione 102 Plasma Cleaner
Ar and Ar/O2 plasma cleaner for removal of organic contaminant

8. Optical Microscopes

Leica Axio Lab
  • 2x Leica AxioTech Stereomicroscope
  • Leica S6E Stereomicroscope
  •  Leica M80 Microscope

9. Sputter Coater

Cressington Carbon Coater
  • Cressington 328 high-vacuum carbon/metal coater
  • Cressington 108 carbon coater
  • Cressington 108 gold coater

10. Glovebox with

  • Braun MB10 glove box
  • Laminar Flow Box


SmarAct Micromanipulator
  • SmarAct micromanipulator for remote sample loading