Research activities

From fundamental to applied physics of graphene:

We are interested in various aspects of the physics of graphene from its fundamental properties to potential applications. While we investigate mesoscopic effect in graphene-based systems like van der Waals heterostructures, we also develop different approaches to design new type of electronic devices that can be integrated in real electrical circuits. We are currently exploring the possibilities to design microwave amplifiers based on our graphene field effect transistors on sapphire substrate. We explore the charge carrier conduction at millikelvin temperature, at high magnetic field and microwave frequency and design graphene based devices to eventually observed excitonic condensates or reach the ultimate limit of charge detection.



Some of our interests:


 - Electronic transport and noise properties


 - Graphene van der Waals heterostructures

 - Proximity induced superconductivity

 - Towards full sp2 carbon circuits

  - Graphene at microwave frequency



 - Topological insulators





Sample fabrication:

- Electron beam lithography

- Graphene/hBN transfer system

- Ultra-high vacuum metal deposition systems

- Atomic layer deposition

- Nano-manipulation

- Focused ion beam

- Reaction ion etching



Characterization and measurements techniques:

- Raman and optical spectroscopy

- Atomic force microscopy

- Low noise electrical measurements

- Cryogenic temperatures measurements

- dc and ac electrical measurements

- Out of equilibrium noise detection 

- Magnetotransport

- Vector network analysis

- Microwave measurement techniques

- Printed circuit board design

- Homemade electronics design



  All of our experiments are driven using Python based programs, mostly homemade but we also get some of our drivers from the QTlab environment  from TUDelft.