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Prof. Dr. A. K. Powell
Cluster Chemistry

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Cluster Chemistry

Welcome to the website of  Prof. Dr. Annie K. Powell's research unit 'Cluster as Nanoscopic Functional Units' at the Institute of Nanotechnology (INT) at the Karlsruher Institute of Technology (KIT).  

Inorganic cluster chemistry concerns the synthesis and structural characterization of molecular cluster compounds and 2D, 3D framework structures of transition metals and rare earth elements in order to use them in nanoscopic devices.



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A W‐Shaped Ga‐Dy‐Dy‐Dy‐Ga Cluster: Synthesis, Characterization, and Magnetic Properties

Dr. Yan Peng, Dr. Christopher E. Anson, Prof. Annie K. Powell, ChemPlusChem 2018 , 83 , 676.

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A platform with connections in many directions – further remarkable facets to the multifaceted methylbiquinoxen dication

Nicolas Leblanc, Damiano Genovese, Luisa De Cola.  Annie K. Powell, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2017,19,

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A single molecule magnet to single molecule magnet transformation via a solvothermal process: Fe4Dy2 → Fe6Dy3

Sihuai Chen, Valeriu Mereacre,  Christopher E. Ansona,  Annie K. Powell, Dalton Trans., 2016,45,

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Unraveling the Influence of Lanthanide Ions on Intra‐ and Inter‐Molecular Electronic Processes in Fe10Ln10 Nano‐Toruses

Amer Baniodeh, Yu Liang, Christopher E. Anson, Nicola Magnani, Annie K. Powell, Andreas‐Neil Unterreiner

Simon Seyfferle, Michael Slota, Martin Dressel, Lapo Bogani, Karin Goß, Adv. Funct. Mater., 24: 6280-6290. doi:10.1002/adfm.201400336

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Self-Assembly of a Giant Tetrahedral 3 d–4 f Single-Molecule Magnet within a Polyoxometalate System

Dr. Masooma Ibrahim, Dr. Valeriu Mereacre, Dr. Nicolas Leblanc, Prof. Wolfgang Wernsdorfer, Dr. Christopher E. Anson, Prof. Annie K. Powell, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 54: 15574-15578. doi:10.1002/anie.201504663

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