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A. Eichhöfer
Dr. Andreas Eichhöfer
Project Leader
andreas eichhoeferFyf1∂kit edu

Clusters as Nanoscopic Functional Units


I. Molecular Transition Metal Clusters of Sulfides, Selenides or Tellurides (A. Eichhöfer, O. Fuhr)

These semiconductor cluster molecules are synthesized and structurally characterized in order to investigate how size, composition and structure influence the electronic properties of these nanoobjects. Important tools are inert gas atmosphere techniques, single crystal XRD, optical spectroscopy and magnetic measurements.
In addition we study the fabrication of metastable nanoscopic binary and ternary solids from cluster molecules through low temperature thermolysis.




Strong room temperature luminescence in a series of copper(I) thiolate cluster complexes
  Molecular structure of the `iron doped´ copper selenide cluster [Cu30Fe2Se6(SePh)24(dppm)4].



II. Heterometallic 3d–4f Single-Molecule Magnets Based on Polyoxometalates (M. Ibrahim)

Polyoxometalates (POMs) are a remarkable class of inorganic compounds with enormous structural and compositional diversity and potential applications in various fields such as catalysis, magnetism, nanotechnology, and medicine. Lacunary POMs are considered as diamagnetic, inorganic multidentate ligands that can encapsulate a large number of spin-coupled magnetic centers (d- or f-block), In the course of this work we aim to develop a novel, simple and one-pot synthetic strategy for the preparation of heterometallic 3d–4f SMMs based on POMs. It is worth mentioning that we will work exclusively with air-stable, mostly water soluble, hydrolytically stable, and inexpensive inorganic ligands. Indeed we are proposing an environmentally benign approach to synthesize magnetic materials with potential SMM behavior.