Our research is focused on the "Electron Transport and Quantum Control".

The ongoing demand for further miniaturization of electronic and optoelectronic devices requires alternatives to conventional top down processes. A promising approach is the combination of self organized organic molecules with lithographic techniques. With regard to future applications, we want to understand the fundamental issues of hybridization and broadening of the orbitals (HOMO and LUMO) of a molecule in contact with metallic leads.

Further, we will investigate optically active molecules, found in OLEDs and organic solar cells. Our research on the influence of hybridization effects on the electro-luminescence and photocurrents in molecules will complement the studies of the purely electronic effects.

In superconductor hybrid structures, we investigate the competition of the singlet nature of Cooper pairs and magnetism, as well as spin transport and Cooper pair splitting.

We are involved in the Research Areas Molecular Electronics and Quantum Transport and Correlations at the
Institute of Nanotechnology (INT). We work in close collaboration with the theory groups and chemists of the INT.