Research Activities

The vision of our research group is to develop new concepts and tools to master the design of molecular nanostructures and to implement them into nanoscaled device environments. We participate in the fields of Supramolecular Materials, Molecular Spintronics and Molecular Photonics.

Single molecule magnets coupled to ferromagnetic surfaces
Coupling single molecule magnets to ferromagnetic substrates

The AF coupling of TbPc2 quantum magnets into a ferromagnetic substrate with observable remanescence up to 100 K was reported in an article in Phys. Rev. Lett. 

PRL 2011
Molecular orbital gate
Molecular orbital gate based on Ir(ppy)3

 Ir(ppy)3 molecules were used to gate the plasmon excitations in Buckyball-Fullerene.

Nanoletters 2013
Surface-confined molecular motors.
Surface-confined molecular motors

 The self-assembly of surface-confined molecular motors from simple molecular building blocks was reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (in collaboration with J.V. Barth, TU München).

PNAS 2010
five-vertex Archimedean surface tessellation
Five-vertex Archimedean surface tessellation by lanthanide-directed molecular self-assembly.

Lanthanide metal-ions were coordinated in two-dimensional materials.

PNAS 2013
String network Nat. Chem. 2010
Random two-dimensional string networks based on divergent coordination assembly

An article in Nature Chemistry reports on the random reticulation of a metal surface by divergent coordination assembly expressing string formation and bifurcation motifs. 

Nature Chemistry 2010