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Publications from our group, please choose a publication year on the left.

Cover Pages:

“Molecular-Activity Painting”: Switch-like, Light-Controlled Perturbations inside Living Cells     Click-Chemistry Based Allergen Arrays Generated by Polymer Pen Lithography for Mast Cell Activation Studies     Densely Packed Microgoblet Laser Pairs for Cross-Referenced Biomolecular Detection

A diffusive ink transport model for lipid dip-pen nanolithography     Diamond Nanophotonic Circuits Functionalized by Dip-pen Nanolithography     Aligned Stamping Functionalization     Antifouling Surface

Microspotting     Multi-Color PPL     Multiplexed L-DPN     L-DPN


Latest Publications

Scheme of combinatorial peptide synthesis with µCS
Combinatorial Peptide Synthesis:

"Combinatorial Synthesis of Macromolecular Arrays by Microchannel Cantilever Spotting (µCS)" by Atwater et al. in Adv. Mater. 30 (2018) 1801632

Comparisson of different Click Chemistry approaches in µCS
Click Chemistry for µCS:

"Site‐Specific Surface Functionalization via Microchannel Cantilever Spotting (µCS): Comparison between Azide–Alkyne and Thiol–Alkyne Click Chemistry Reactions" by Dadfar et al. in Small 14 (2018) 1800131

Scheme of Gradient Lipid Printing
Printing of Lipids:

"Polymer Pen Lithography with Lipids for Large-Area Gradient Patterns" by Kumar et al. in Langmuir 33 (2017) 8739-8748

Molecular-Activity Painting
Patterning inside living Cells:

"“Molecular-Activity Painting”: Switch-like, Light-Controlled Perturbations inside Living Cells" by Chen et al. in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 56 (2017) 5916-5920

Clickable antifouling polymer brushes
Reactive, antifouling Surfaces:

"Clickable Antifouling Polymer Brushes for Polymer Pen Lithography" by Bog et al. in ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 9 (2017) 12109-12117

Lipid Arraying by µCS
Microspotting of Lipids:

"Phospholipid arrays on porous polymer coatings generated by micro-contact spotting" by Sekula-Neuner et al. in Beilstein J. Nanotechnol. 8 (2017) 715–722