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The group is partner and/or co-ordinator in a number of national and international networks. The group collaborates with several national and international industry partners, mainly from the automotive and the battery sector.



BMBF project Mag-S "Development and fabrication of of rechargeable magnesium-sulfur batteries"
Grant# 03XP0032E
Co-ordinator: DLR
Start: Jan 2016



FELIZIA        BMBF project FELIZIA "
        Grant #03XP0026F
        Co-ordinator: BMW
        Start: Jan 2016







EU project Lithium Rich FCC Materials in HORIZON 2020 (FET-OPEN project)
Coordinator: HIU/KIT
Partners: CEA Tours and Grenoble, DTU Copenhagen, KI Ljubljana; Univ. Uppsala
Start: October 2016





                   Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC)


EU-RTD   Hi-C  ; 7th FP

  "Novel in situ and in operando techniques for characterization of interfaces in electrochemical storage systems"

  8 partners from DK, UK, F, D with associated partners in Korea and USA working on internal and external interface of battery materials.





ProEco is a joint project on nanomaterials for energy applications between DTU Energy Conversion, Aarhus University inano, Danish Technological Institute, Haldar Topsoe AS, Topsoe Fuel Cells, MPI für Kolloid und Grenzflächenforschung, and KIT-INT.






      Helmholtz Institute Ulm for Electrochemical Energy Storage 

       Collaboration of 4 institutions (KIT, Univ. Ulm, ZSW, DLR)








ERA-NET Project NOVELMAG        

       Novel Magnesium based nanomaterials for advanced rechargeable batteries. Collaboration of the following institutions (CNRS-ICMP France, KIT Germany, IFE Norway, RAS IPCP Russia, MSU Russia, St. Peterburg Univ. Russia, ISSP Russia) 




Logo H2FC   H2FC  

  Integrating European Infrastructure to support science and development of Hydrogen- 
and Fuel Cell Technologies towards European Strategy for Sustainable, 
Competitive and Secure Energy
19 partners



edrive       Strategic Collaboration KIT - DAIMLER 






    EU-RTD  SSH2S; 7th FP
"Fuel Cell Coupled Solid State Hydrogen Storage Tank" 
8 partners



LIB2015          Innovation Alliance LIB 2015 

         KIT + 3 partners from industry





HYTEC        KIT collaboration

        6 institutes

        Coordinator:   Dr. Maximilian Fichtner






GCSFP      German-Chinese Sustainable Fuel Partnership

      6 partners

      German coordinator:   Dr. Maximilian Fichtner






         EU-RTD, 7th FP

         8 partners

         Coordinator:   Dr. Maximilian Fichtner    






         EU ERA-NET, 7th FP

         4 partners

         German coordinator:   Dr. Maximilian Fichtner







         HGF Initiative








        EU-RTN, 6th FP







                           EU-IP 6th FP








storhy                                    EU-IP 6th FP