Welcome to the website of Prof. Dr. Martin Wegener's research unit "Nanophotonics" at the Institute of Nanotechnology.

Our research focuses on the fabrication and characterization of novel functional materials - so called metamaterials. Therefore, we develop advanced lithography and replication approaches to fabricate such materials and devices.

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Sign reversal of the Hall coefficient in 3D metamaterials

Electrical properties of a p-type semiconductor have been experimentally mimicked by a chainmail-like metamaterial made of an n-type semiconductor.

Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 016601 (2017)
3d laser writing
Conductive 3D microstructures via direct laser writing

Laser-written 3D gold-containing microstructures have been fabricated by simultaneous photopolymerization and photoreduction.

Adv. Mater. 28, 3592 (2016)
Wegener 3d printing
Prof. Wegener is awarded Erwin Schrödinger Prize

Prof. Martin Wegener, research unit chair at the INT, receives, together with Profs. M. Bastmeyer and Ch. Barner-Kowollik, Erwin Schrödinger Prize for cell cultivation in a 3D-laserprinted ultrasmall "Petri dish."

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mechanical invisibility cloak diagram forces
An elasto-mechanical unfeelability cloak made of pentamode metamaterials

KIT researchers have created the first mechanical invisibility cloak. When placed over an object, the object cannot be felt at all — either by a finger, or a more sensitive measuring device.

Nature Communications June 2014

Press Release in German
KIT Forscher bauen optische Tarnkappe für Nebel
Invisibility cloaking in a diffusive light scattering medium

Researchers at the KIT have developed a cloak that is broadband, omnidirectional, and big enough to hide a macroscopic object. The new cloak works  in foggy or "diffusive" conditions.

Science June 2014 
Science News 

Press Release in German
Broadband terahertz generation from metamaterials
Broadband terahertz generation from metamaterials

Researchers demonstrate broadband terahertz (THz) wave generation using metamaterials.

Nature Communications
Nature Communications

Patrik's paper on Diamond Optomechanical devices is published by Nature Communications.

Press release.

Nature Communications

Our paper on waveguide single photon detectors is published by Nature Communications. Press Release.