Advanced Optical Lithography

The research in our group is spread over a large range of topics. Here, we present some of the major directions of our research at the Institute of Nanotechnology. For additional information, corresponding sections of the Wegener-group website at the Institute of Applied Physics on campus south are linked.

Animation by Patrick Müller

Thumbnail STED DLW
Direct Laser Writing (DLW)

This method can be viewed as the three-dimensional analogue of two-dimensional electron-beam lithography. Advanced versions with multiple laser beams allow for enhanced resolution below the diffraction limit. We investigate the chemistry of the corresponding photoresists to further improve those. Read more on our campus south website.

Thumbnail Photonic Crystals
Photonic Crystals

Photonic crystals allow for tailoring the dispersion relation of light. Moreover, these nanostructured optical materials modify the photonic density of states. Consequently, emitters inside a photonic crystal show altered emission rates and angular distributions. Read more on our campus south website.

Thumbnail Metamaterials
Photonic Metamaterials

Photonic metamaterials are man-made effective materials that form the basis for transformation optics. These nanostructured materials possess properties that are not only determined by the constituent materials but influenced or even dominated by the nanoscopic shape of the meta-atoms. Read more on our campus south website.