Printed Electronics

We investigate on the technology and characterization of printed metal oxide electronics. Our work includes
Three stage ring oscillator
  • fabrication of printed transistors based on inorganic
    semiconductors such as InO, ZnO and electrolyte gating for field effect transistors (EGTs)
  • electrical characterization of logic and passive elements (e.g. transistors, digital standard cells, ring oscillators, latches, flip flops, resistances and parasitic capacitances)
  • characterization of noise and small signal paramteters
  • low parasitic, high performance wiring concepts with printable materials

Simulation and Virtualization of Electronic Systems

We develop dedicated design flows and modeling techniques within industry standard EDA frameworks. We currently concentrate on the
Design flows and modeling techniques
  • development of new compact models
  • SPICE modeling of digital and analog building blocks
  • P-cell development for printed electronic layouts
  • library development
  • Monte-Carlo-Simulation, Corner Modelling
  • circuit AC and DC analysis

VLSI Circuit and Hybrid Electronic System Design

We design, fabricate and test RFID/NFC systems (SOCs) and hybrid electronic systems suitable for Internet-of-Things (IoT) and sensor applications.
Seamless integrated printed PUF core on printed circuit board
  • ultra low power SOCs (e.g. RFID/NFC stand alone modules)
  • PCB design
  • technology assessments based on foundry PDKs
  • hybrid electronic system comprising printed and silicon components
  • printed security circuits such as physical unclonable functions (PUFs)