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Human Resources
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Human Resources
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KIT JobPortal

To search for jobs, internships and other international career opportunities, visit the KIT JobPortal.

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Jobs & Training

We employ scientists in chemistry, engineering, physics, materials science, and mathematical modelling as well as staff in administrative and technical positions.

Vacancies and PhD Positions

Most of our current vacancies and PhD positions are posted on the KIT jobs page. For details on our PhD positions you may contact Patricia Jaeger or Christine Fischer. Vacancies not posted on the KIT website are included below.

Bachelors or Masters Thesis

Because we are an institute within the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and have close connections to other universities (including Darmstadt, Münster, Ulm, Gießen, Basel, and Strasbourg), we can supervise bachelor's or master's theses. To apply, please contact our research unit chairs and research groups.

Current vacancies

PhD position funded by Marie Curie action

The project concerns application of voltage-driven reversible electrochemistry (surface chemistry and ion-exchange) to control magnetism. The research involves nanomagnetism, material science and electrochemistry. Please apply via the linked EURAXESS website.

EURAXESS project description
Master Thesis: Battery Research and Hydrogen Storage Materials

Work on developing a new electrolyte suitable for cycling Li-ion batteries at high temperature.

Job details

Currently no job offers available.