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Horst Hahn
Executive Director and Research Unit Chair
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Prof. Dr. Ralph Krupke

Research Unit Chair

Charge transport and light-matter interaction in carbon nanosystems

 +49 (0) 721 608 - 26417

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Institute for Materials Science, TU Darmstadt


TU Darmstadt Joint Laboratories

The Institute of Nanotechnology (INT) is a joint partner with two laboratories at the Technical University of Darmstadt's Institute for Materials Science : the Joint Laboratory for Nanomaterials, established in 2004, and the Joint Laboratory for Molecular Nanostructures, established in 2011.


Joint Laboratory for Nanomaterials

At the Joint Laboratory for Nanomaterials research is conducted on nanoparticles, nanoparticulate layers, and nanoporous and nanoscale materials. These materials are characterized through a variety of methods including X-ray powder diffraction, dynamic light scattering and cyclic voltammetry. For further details see the Joint Laboratory for Nanomaterials page.


Joint Laboratory for Molecular Nanostructures

The Joint Laboratory for Molecular Nanostructures research focus is on nanocarbon materials, including carbon nanotube and graphene.

Complementing research at the INT, the materials are characterized with a Fourier-Transform Photocurrent-Spectromicroscope  using a Supercontinuum-Lightsource to explore the potential for high-speed electronics, optoelectronics, sensing and coating applications. For more details see the Molecular Nanostructures Group website .