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Research Group and Project Leaders

Research projects covering various topics in nanoscience and nanotechnology are conducted within the framework of research units.

Principal investigators of these projects are either research group leaders, who generally have third-party funding, or project leaders, who generally work within the funding framework of the Helmholtz Association.

Associated Groups
Name Associated Group Phone
Portrait picture of Christopher Barner-Kowollik
Macromolecular Chemistry 0721/608-45641
M. Fichtner
Energy Storage Systems 0721/608 25340 or 0731/50-34201 (HIU)
Picture of Pascal Friederich
AI for Materials Sciences  
Portrait picture of David Hunger
Cavity Quantum Optics 0721/608-43510
G. Ulrich Nienhaus
Super-Resolution Optical Microscopy 0721/608-43410
Alexander Shnirman
Quantum State Engineering 0721/608-47005

Research Groups
Name Group Phone
Jasmin Aghassi-Hagmann
Low Power Electronics with Advanced Materials
+49 721 608-28318
D. Beckmann
Superconductor Hybrid Structures 0721/608-26413
Analyte Detection with High Affinity Chemosensors (Emmy-Noether Group) 0721/608-26341
Portrait picture of Eva Blaco
Functional Polymeric Materials 0721/608-26421
Ben Breitung
Printed Electronics 0721/608-23109
Torsten Brezesinski
Next-generation Battery Materials 0721/608-28827
K. Fink
Computational Chemistry for Molecular Building Blocks 0721/608-26411 or -47365 (IPC)
Ben Flavel
Carbon Nanotube based Solar Cells (Heisenberg Program, DFG) 0721/608-26977
I. Gornyi
Disorder and Correlations in Quantum Transport and Theoretical Aspects of Graphene and Related Carbon Nanostructures 0721/608-28106
Michael Hirtz
Dip-Pen Nanolithography 0721/608-26373
Mechanical synthesis and mechanical properties of nanomaterials 0721/608-26961
R. Kruk
Tunable Properties 0721/608-25916
Electron Microscopy and Spectroscopy Laboratory
Portrait picture of Dr. Ioan Pop
Kinetic Inductance Quantum Systems  
Florian Weigend
Computational Chemistry for Molecular Building Blocks 0721/608-47365

Project Leaders
Name Research Project Phone E-Mail
Methods for Nanostructuring and Atomic Force Microscopy 0721/608-26410 matthias barczewskiUyi2∂kit edu
R. Danneau
Graphene-based device structures 0721/608-28896 romain danneauXbu2∂kit edu
A. Eichhöfer
Clusters as Nanoscopic Functional Units 0721/608-26371 andreas eichhoeferAsv7∂kit edu
Theory of Electromagnetic Scatterers ivan fernandez-corbatonMui5∂kit edu
Quantum Control 0721/608-26982 lukas gerhardHsd0∂kit edu
F. Hennrich
Synthesis and Separation of Carbon Nanotubes 0721/608-26416 frank hennrichSjo2∂kit edu
Polyoxometalate-Based Molecular Magnets 0721/608-28920 masooma ibrahimVbz4∂kit edu
S. Klyatskaya
Supramolecular Materials 0721/608-28113 svetlana klyatskayaBgx0∂kit edu
S. Lebedkin
Spectroscopy of Carbon Nanotubes 0721/608-26391 sergei lebedkinTyf8∂kit edu
Nano-Carbon Materials 0721/608-26442 sharali malikGgs1∂kit edu
D. Polyakov
Electron Transport in Nanowires and Nanotubes and  Disorder and Correlations in Quantum Transport 0721/608-26412 polyakovGqm0∂kit edu
Clusters and Cluster-based materials 0721/608-28947 thomas reisingerFaw5∂kit edu
D. Schooß
Optical Properties of Isolated Molecules and Clusters
Structure and Reactivity of Isolated Metal Clusters
0721/608-26362 detlef schoossTxd6∂kit edu
Nanooxides 0721/608-28929 vladimir sepelakAxa9∂kit edu
Tailor-Made Molecules for Electronics 0721/608-28297 michal valasekCia6∂kit edu
S. Walheim
(Bio)functional Nanostructured Surfaces 0721/608-26310 stefan walheimRkd9∂kit edu
Andrej Zaikin
Electron Transport through Quantum Dots and Hybrid Nanostructures 0721/608-26375 andrei zaikinMvi5∂kit edu