Postdoctoral Positions in Computational Materials Design

We are seeking talented postdocs, who will work in one of the three research directions:

  • organic semiconductors,
  • conducting metal-organic frameworks, or
  • photoinitiators for 3D laser nanoprinting,

for the development of multiscale simulation methods to work in the Excellence Cluster at KIT or Virtual Materials Design (VirtMat) at the Institute of Nanotechnology at KIT. You will work on the method development, as well as the quantum mechanical calculations with applications in organic materials or metal-organic frameworks in collaboration with experimental groups.

Candidates should have expertise in computational theoretical physics or chemistry, or related areas, finalized with the successful PhD degree. Documented expertise in electronic structure theory calculations, as well as prior involvement in the supervision of students, are required. Knowledge of molecular dynamics and/or photochemistry, as well as high level quantum mechanics (beyond the density functional theory) are an advantage. We expect the ability and desire to work in a heterogeneous interdisciplinary environment and the ability to conduct independent research. Prior development of complex computational methods and appropriate skills in software engineering using state-of-the-art object-oriented languages are invited. Successful candidates should be able to demonstrate programming skills in high-level languages, such as Python or C++.

You will be paid according to the standard government paygrade for personnel employed in Public Service in Germany (100% TVL-E13). The position is initially filled for 2 years and starts as soon as the required candidate is found. In addition, you will be offered training opportunities for diverse scientific and soft skills, provided by the VirtMat Initiative at KIT, as well as Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists (KHYS) of KIT.

Inquiries should be directed via email to wolfgang.wenzel∂ with a full CV including employment record and academic achievements. Copies of university transcripts or certificates are not required at this point. Candidates whose native language is not English should document their proficiency in written and spoken English.