The group is partner and/or co-ordinator in a number of national and international networks. The group collaborates with several national and international industry partners, mainly from the automotive and the battery sector.

FELIZIA        Post Lithium Storage Cluster of Excellence

        Start: 2019





BMBF project Mag-S "Development and fabrication of of rechargeable magnesium-sulfur batteries"
Grant# 03XP0032E
Co-ordinator: DLR
Start: Jan 2016



FELIZIA        BMBF project FELIZIA "
        Grant #03XP0026F
        Co-ordinator: BMW
        Start: Jan 2016







EU project Lithium Rich FCC Materials in HORIZON 2020 (FET-OPEN project)
Coordinator: HIU/KIT
Partners: CEA Tours and Grenoble, DTU Copenhagen, KI Ljubljana; Univ. Uppsala
Start: October 2016





                   Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC)


EU-RTD   Hi-C  ; 7th FP

  "Novel in situ and in operando techniques for characterization of interfaces in electrochemical storage systems"

  8 partners from DK, UK, F, D with associated partners in Korea and USA working on internal and external interface of battery materials.





ProEco is a joint project on nanomaterials for energy applications between DTU Energy Conversion, Aarhus University inano, Danish Technological Institute, Haldar Topsoe AS, Topsoe Fuel Cells, MPI für Kolloid und Grenzflächenforschung, and KIT-INT.






      Helmholtz Institute Ulm for Electrochemical Energy Storage 

       Collaboration of 4 institutions (KIT, Univ. Ulm, ZSW, DLR)








ERA-NET Project NOVELMAG        

       Novel Magnesium based nanomaterials for advanced rechargeable batteries. Collaboration of the following institutions (CNRS-ICMP France, KIT Germany, IFE Norway, RAS IPCP Russia, MSU Russia, St. Peterburg Univ. Russia, ISSP Russia) 




Logo H2FC   H2FC  

  Integrating European Infrastructure to support science and development of Hydrogen- 
and Fuel Cell Technologies towards European Strategy for Sustainable, 
Competitive and Secure Energy
19 partners



edrive       Strategic Collaboration KIT - DAIMLER 






    EU-RTD  SSH2S; 7th FP
"Fuel Cell Coupled Solid State Hydrogen Storage Tank" 
8 partners



LIB2015          Innovation Alliance LIB 2015 

         KIT + 3 partners from industry





HYTEC        KIT collaboration

        6 institutes

        Coordinator:   Dr. Maximilian Fichtner






GCSFP      German-Chinese Sustainable Fuel Partnership

      6 partners

      German coordinator:   Dr. Maximilian Fichtner






         EU-RTD, 7th FP

         8 partners

         Coordinator:   Dr. Maximilian Fichtner    






         EU ERA-NET, 7th FP

         4 partners

         German coordinator:   Dr. Maximilian Fichtner







         HGF Initiative








        EU-RTN, 6th FP







                           EU-IP 6th FP








storhy                                    EU-IP 6th FP