Ferroelectric Test Systems


Model: aixACCT Systems GmbH TF1000

Contact Person: Christian Reitz

The ferroelectric test system TF Analyzer 1000 is designed to allow various measurements on ferroelectric materials to determine its main electric characteristics. Standard features of the TF Analyzer 1000 are:

  • Hysteresis measurement
  • Fatigue measurement
  • Retention measurement
  • Imprint measurement
  • Leakage current measurement

The TF Analyzer 1000 includes a built-in function generator, an analog input board, and a wide bandwidth virtual ground amplifier with driving unit. This system offers hysteresis measurements from 0.01 Hz to 1000 Hz bandwidth depending on the excitation voltage in virtual ground mode. The applied volatage can be in the range of ±400 V




Model: Radiant RT66B

Contact Person: Philipp Leufke


Similar to the aixACCT system, the Radiant RT66B tester allows for investigating all relevant ferroelectric characteristics, like hysteresis, remanent hysteresis, retention, fatigue, imprint, leakage and PUND (positive up, negative down) measurements.
The strength of this tester lies in its capability to perform comprehensive test sequences with automatic extraction and visualization (plotting) of specific characteristics, such as remanent polarization or coercive field, as a function of e.g., cycle time, poling voltage or the number of repetitions. This way even a large number of similar devices can be measured consecutively in a reasonable time, in order to also gather statistical information on the device yield.
With its maximum poling voltage of ±10 V, the Radiant RT66B system is suitable for thin ferroelectric films of typically less than 500 nm in thickness.