Electron Microscopy and Spectroscopy Laboratory

The Electron Microscopy and Spectroscopy Group (EMSG) focuses on advanced structural, compositional and functional characterization providing a direct correlation between synthesis/processing and properties/functionality in materials research.
High-end structural and compositional characterization is one of the essential requirements for advanced materials development; the experimental basis for a systematic understanding of materials and modelling. Electron microscopy is one of the most versatile and powerful tools to provide this basis by quantitative characterization of the atomic, nanometer and micron scale structure and composition. Moreover, in-situ experiments provide a direct correlation between structural changes, materials properties and functional behavior.
In addition to using state-of-the-art electron microscopy techniques for materials characterization, we develop microscopy techniques to provide answers to specific research problems in materials and physical sciences.


EMSG in 2019

News & Publications

Cover Microscopy 2019Microscopy
Japanse Society of Microscopy Scientific Paper Award Physical Sciences

We very much appreciate the selection of our publication 'Mapping structure and morphology of amorphous organic thin films by STEM pair distribution function analysis' for the 36th Scientfic Paper award in the area Physical Science by The Japanese Society of Microscopy. Congratulations to Xiaoke Mu and his coworkers.

Magnetic ImagingDi Wang & Saleh Gorji, KIT
HIP Project "Breaking the resolution limit of electron microscopy for magnetic materials" funded

The project proposal "Breaking the resolution limit of electron microscopy for magnetic materials" joinedly submitted with the group of Frank Filbir at the Helmholtz Zentrum Munich has been approved for funding by the Helmholtz Imaging Plattform. Congratulations to Frank Filber and Xiaoke Mu for the successful proposal.

TrackAct TeaserJan Dierk Grundwald, KIT
CRC 1441 - TrackAct funded

We are very pleased to announce that the project CRC 1441 - TrackAct has been funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft and is starting in January 2021. Thank you very much Jan-Dierk Grundwaldt and all colleagues involved for the great proposal preparation. We are looking forward to a successful collaboration.

Themis 300FEI Company
Themis 300 Installation

The installation of the basic ThermoFischer Themis 300 probe corrected analytical TEM is finished. The microscope was accepted in December. In Q1/2021 it will be further equipped with a Dectris pixelated detector and a NanoMegas ASTAR system.

Themis 300 Details
Themis-ZDi Wang, KIT
Themis-Z Installation

The installation of the ThermoFischer Themis-Z double corrected analytical TEM is finished. The microscope was accepted in November and is now producing results.

Themis-Z Details
EMSI Excellence in MicroscopyEMSI
Excellence in Microscopy Award

Congratulations to Dr. Kiran Chakravadhanula for receiving the 2020 Award on Excellence in Microscopy by the Electron Microscopy Socienty of India for his work at KIT.

Method Development

We are optimizing and developing new microscopy methods to address emerging structural and functional questions.
In-situ TEM Atmosphere Holder Protochips Inc.
In-situ TEM

Heating, biasing, electro-chemistry, gas environment, mechanical deformation

4D-STEM Xiaoke Mu, KIT

Automated crystal orientaton mapping

Pair distrubution function mapping

Differential phase contrast

Electron Tomography in Catalysis Wu Wang, KIT
Electron Tomography

Quantitative 3D nanoscale and microscale analysis


Materials Research

We are applying advanced electron microscopy techniques such as (S)TEM, EELS, EDX, NBED, tomography and FIB to characterize a variety of materials for different application areas.
Battery Interfaces Christian Kübel, KIT

Understanding cathode and andode nanostructure

Role of interface for battery performance

Catalysis Christian Kübel, KIT

Atomic structure of the active catalytic center

Metal-Support Interaction

Nano and micro scale morphology

Magnetic Materials Di Wang & Saleh Gorji, KIT
Magnetic Materials

Atomic structure and chemistry

Magnetic domain structure

Metallic Glasses Teaser Xiaoke Mu, KIT
Metallic Glasses

Bulk metallic & nano glasses

Local structural & compositional analysis

Shear band structure

Nanocrystalline Metals Christian Kübel, KIT
Nanocrystalline Metals

Quantitative structural description of nanocrystalline metals

Mechanical deformation

Thermal evolution

Compositionally complex alloys Lakshmi Mantha, KIT
Compositionally Complex Alloys

Nano- & Microstructure Characterization

In-situ heating and in-situ mechanical evolution

High Entropy Oxides Kai Wang, KIT
High Entropy Oxides

Atomic structure & chemistry

Electron structure

Multiferroic Thin Films Di Wang & Saleh Gorji, KIT
Multiferroic Thin Films

Atomic structure and chemistry at interfaces

Ferroelectric & magnetic structure

Self-Assembly of Janus Type Clusters Wei Wang, Nankai University
Self-Assembled Nanomaterials

Low-dose TEM & electron tomography characterization of complex hybrid materials.

4D-STEM P3HT/PCBM Microscopy
Organic Photovoltaics