Apertureless Cantilever-Free Pen Arrays for Scanning Photochemical Printing

  • Author:

    Y. Zhou, Z. Xie, K. A. Brown, D. J. Park, X. Zhou, P. Chen, M. Hirtz, Q. Lin, V. P. Dravid, G. C. Schatz, Z. Zheng, C. A. Mirkin 

  • Source:

    Small 11 (2015) 913-918

  • Date: 2015
  • A novel, apertureless, cantilever-free pen array can be used for dual scanning photochemical and molecular printing. Serial writing with light is enabled by combining self-focusing pyramidal pens with an opaque backing between pens. The elastomeric pens also afford force-tuned illumination and simultaneous delivery of materials and optical energy. These attributes make the technique a promising candidate for maskless high-resolution photopatterning and combinatorial chemistry.