Our Research

Our research is aimed at the advancement and application of Scanning Probe Lithography (SPL) methods, in particular Dip-Pen Nanolithography (DPN) and related methods like e.g. Polymer Pen Lithography (PPL) and Microchannel Cantilever Spotting (µCS).

These SPL methods are versatile tools, combining many advantages of electron beam lithography, inkjet printing and microcontact printing in relation to resolution, integration and throughput. These methods are of particular interest when working with sensitive biological materials, since they work at mild process parameters and need no lift off processes (with the associated solvents or etching processes). Furthermore, the methods allows for "multiplexing", i.e. the parallel application of different inks within a pattern. Learn more about specific implementations and applications on our reseach page or browse our publications.

L-DPN Lipid Membrane in Air
Supported Lipid Membranes

Tailored biomimetic phopholipid membranes offer many appealing properties for applications in sensing and biomedical experiments. Here we explore new ways of shaping SLMs on demand.

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Printable Electronics by PPL
Printed Electronics & Device Functionalization

In this area, we focus on new printing techniques for printed electronics and for highly site-specific functionalizations of devices in pre-existing structures.

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Microfluidic Chip
Biomedical Applications

SPL methods are an ideal match for the generation of bioactive patterned surfaces and can enable many applications in biology and medicine.

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User Facility / KNMF
User Facility / KNMFi

In the framework of the Karlsruhe Nano Micro Facility (KNMFi) we tackly diverse research applications in collaboration with external users.

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