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Rotaxane Immobilization

"A supramolecular cucurbit[8]uril-based rotaxane chemosensor for the optical tryptophan detection in human serum and urine" by Krämer et al. in Nat. Commun. 14 (2023) 518

DNA Immobilization
DNA Immobilization:

"Fluorescence Imaging Study of Film Coating Structure and Composition Effects on DNA Hybridization" by Yang et al. in Adv. NanoBiomed Res. 3 (2023) 2200133

Lipid 3D-Printing

"3D Nanolithography by Means of Lipid Ink Spreading Inhibition" by Berganza et al. in Small 19 (2023) 2205590

Diamond Functionalization
Antifouling Surfaces:

"Diamond Surfaces with Clickable Antifouling Polymer Coating for Microarray-Based Biosensing" by Kumar et al. in Adv. Mater. Interfaces 9 (2022) 2201453

Galinstan and intermetalic structures
Liquid Metals:

"Correlated Study of Material Interaction Between Capillary Printed Eutectic Gallium Alloys and Gold Electrodes" by Hussain et al. in Small 18 (2022) 2202987

Activated Porous Carbon Supported Pd and ZnO Nanocatalysts
Pesticide Monitoring:

"Activated Porous Carbon Supported Pd and ZnO Nanocatalysts for Trace Sensing of Carbaryl Pesticide in Water and Food Products" by Jemai et al. in New J. Chem. (2022)

Scheme of platelet pattern interaction
Bioactive Surfaces:

"FluidFM-Based Fabrication of Nanopatterns: Promising Surfaces for Platelet Storage Application" by Apte et al. in ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 14 (2022) 24133-24143


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