Lambda shaped carbon nanofibres

Locally Controlled Growth of Individual Lambda‐Shaped Carbon Nanofibers

  • Author:

    C. Lutz, U. Bog, T. Loritz, J. Syurik, S. Malik, C. N. S. Kumar, C. Kübel, M. Bruns, C. Greiner, M. Hirtz, H. Hölscher

  • Source:

    Small 15 (2019) 1803944

  • Date: 2019
  • The locally defined growth of carbon nanofibers with lambda shape in an open flame process is demonstrated. Via the growth time, the geometry of the structures can be tailored to a Λ‐ or λ‐type shape. Microchannel cantilever spotting and dip‐pen nanolithography are utilized for the deposition of catalytic salt NiCl2 · 6H2O for locally controlled growth of lambda‐shaped carbon nanofibers. Rigorous downscaling reveals a critical catalytic salt volume of 0.033 µm³, resulting in exactly one lambda‐shaped carbon nanofiber at a highly predefined position. An empirical model explains the observed growth process.