Polymeric Substrate with PPL Functionalization

Synergies between Surface Microstructuring and Molecular Nanopatterning for Controlling Cell Populations on Polymeric Biointerfaces

  • Author:

    A. Díaz Lantada, R. Kumar, M. Guttmann, M. Wissmann, M. Schneider, M. Worgull, S. Hengsbach, F. Rupp, K. Bade, M. Hirtz, S. Sekula-Neuner

  • Source:

    Polymers 12 (2020) 655

  • Date: 2020
  • Polymeric biointerfaces are already being used extensively in a wide set of biomedical devices and systems. The possibility of controlling cell populations on biointerfaces may be essential for connecting biological systems to synthetic materials and for researching relevant interactions between life and matter. In this study, we present and analyze synergies between an innovative approach for surface microstructuring and a molecular nanopatterning procedure of recent development. The combined set of techniques used may be instrumental for the development of a new generation of functional polymeric biointerfaces. Eukaryotic cell cultures placed upon the biointerfaces developed, both before and after molecular patterning, help to validate the proposal and to discuss the synergies between the surface microstructuring and molecular nanopatterning techniques described in the study. Their potential role in the production of versatile polymeric biointerfaces for lab- and organ-on-a-chip biodevices and towards more complex and biomimetic co-culture systems and cell cultivation set-ups are also examined.