High-Throughput Synthesis and Analysis

By High-Throughput Methods we develop approaches to synthesize and characterize new HEOs on a larger scale.

The none-equiatomic deviations of HEOs results in a vast compositional space (combination of 5 or more elements), by using HTMs it is possible to create materials libraries and develop complex phase diagrams that are based on crystal structure or targeted properties. Moreover, HTMs will aid on the endeavor to consolidate theoretical validation of chemically complex materials.


Our Approach to High-Throughput Synthesis and Analysis

Starting from a combinatiorial synthesis using an automated robot, we strive to create a general material database of high-entropy materials. We do so by running a full analysis of the materials, includung their targeted properties for several applications as investigated in the other fields of the high-entropy materials (HEMs) activities of the Nanostructured Materials group. With this data and the results of additional theoretical investigations and validations, a machine learning approach will be developed to predict new HEMs with desired properties.

A Work flow describing the generation of materials data bases by using HTMs in correlation with a theoretical approach.

The combinatorial synthesis will be based on an automated system (robot) that allows solution-based mixing of the individual precursors.

Robot and schematic for High Throughput synthesis of HEOs

Structural analysis is done using X-ray diffractometry (XRD). The Ga-jet system at INT allows for high-grade diffractograms in very short measurement times due to high intensity of the X-rays. The heavily reduced measurement times and an automated sample loading system are a key necessities for a large-scale analysis of the manifold HEOs that will be synthesized using the robot.

Automated Ga jet X-ray diffractometer for the characterization of HEOs
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