Scheme of Microspotting on GO

Protein spot arrays on graphene oxide coatings for efficient single-cell capture

  • Author:

    R. Kumar, S. Llewellyn, S. K. Vasantham, Kaiwen Nie, S. Sekula-Neuner, A. Vijayaraghavan, M. Hirtz

  • Source:

    Sci. Rep. 12 (2022) 3895

  • Date: 2022
  • Biomedical applications such as cell screening or cell–cell interaction studies require placement and adhesion of cells on surfaces with controlled numbers and location. In particular, single-cell arraying and positioning has come into focus as a basis of such applications. An ideal substrate would combine biocompatibility with favorable attributes such as pattern stability and easy processing. Here, we present a simple yet effective approach to single-cell arraying based on a graphene oxide (GO) surface carrying protein (fibronectin) microarrays to define cell adhesion points. These capture NIH-3T3 cells, resulting in cell arrays, which are benchmarked against analogous arrays on silanized glass samples. We reveal significant improvement in cell-capture performance by the GO coating with regards to overall cell adhesion and single-cell feature occupancy. This overall improvement of cell-arraying combined with retained transparency of substrate for microscopy and good biocompatibility makes this graphene-based approach attractive for single-cell experiments.