Infused Patterning on Porous Dip Coatings

Multiplexed Covalent Patterns on Double-Reactive Porous Coating

  • Author:

    S. Das, R. Kumar, B. Yang, S. Bag, E. Sauter, N. Hussain, M. Hirtz, U. Manna

  • Source:

    Chem. Asian J. 17 (2022) e202200157

  • Date: 2022
  • We have conceptualized and demonstrated an approach based on the combination of hydrophobicity, a substrate-independent dip coating as porous material with double residual chemical reactivities for implementing multiplexed, miniaturized and unclonable bulk-infused patterns of different fluorophores following distinct reaction pathways. The embedded hydrophobicity (~102°) restricted the unwanted spreading of beaded aqueous ink on the coating. The constructions of micropatterns on porous dip-coating via ink-jet printing or microchannel cantilever spotting offered orthogonal read-out and remained readable even after removal of the exterior of the coating.