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We are interested in multinary, non-oxidic cluster and network compounds, which due to their special electronic and structural properties are highly important for basic research in inorganic as well as materials chemistry. The main synthetic approach pursued in our group makes use of precursor compounds with binary main group element units.


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Stefanie Dehnen
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JACS_Gold_Titelbild_2022 Journal of the American Chemical Society
Defined Oligomers of Supertetrahedral Selenido Germanate Clusters
NatChem_Titelbild_2020 Nature Chemistry
Substantial π-Aromaticity in Anionic Heavy-Metal Cluster
NatComm_Titelbild_2020 Nature Communication
Metalloid Unit within a Polymetallide Environment
AngewChem_Titelbild_2020 Wiley-VCH
Intermetalloid Clusters with Gold Atoms