Equipment and Techniques

Most compounds handled and synthesized in the Dehnen group are sensitive to oxygen and water. Partly, they already dissolve when exposed to light. For handling and characterization of the chemical and physical properties of the synthesized compounds multiple working techniques and equipment are available. Especially the explanation of reaction mechanisms requires special know-how which the group has established and refined over years. In particular, we use Schlenk techniques, high temperature synthesis in the furnace, reaction in ionic liquids and solvothermal reactions.


We possess in total 3 gloveboxes by MBraun (2- and 4-glove gloveboxes, solvent filter, microscope, big and small port) and 5 gloveboxes by Glovebox Systemtechnik (2- and 4-glove gloveboxes, solvent filter, big and small port, microscope, refridgerators).


Our group has many hoods available. All are equipped with an all-glass Schlenk-line. These are operated with rotary valve and oil diffusion pumps as well as argon as inert gas. A big pool of glassware allows all work to be done unter inert gas. Customized equipment may be obtained through our department's manufacturing workshops at any time (glassblowing, mechanical and electrical workshops).

Mass Spectrometry

The Dehnen group owns a ThermoFisher Scientific Exploris 240 mass spectrometer with biopharma option. Furthermore we have access to an ESI-ToF mass spectrometer (Bruker Daltonics micrOTOF-Q II) and a Waters Synapt MALDI-TOF and IMMS Instrument.

Dynamic Light Scattering

We are equipped with a Wyatt DynaPro Nanostar II.

Cyclovoltametric Measurements

The group is equipped with a Microcell HC by rhd instruments, which is operated with an autolab potentiostat.

Computing Cluster

We own a little computing cluster called and have access to the big computing cluster. We primarily use DFT/HF-SCF/MP2 methods and the program package Turbomole (© Turbomole GmbH, Karlsruhe).


We are equipped with a Stereo Discovery.V8 microscope by Zeiss and an Olympus SZX2-ZB10.


The group uses three tubular furnaces by Gero (type SR 40-500/12) with Eurotherm control, two chamber furnaces by Carbolite (type CWF 1100) with Eurotherm control and several low temperature furnaces (e.g. Nabertherm TR 60) partly with viewing window and interior lighting.

Thermogravimetric Method

The group is equipped with a Netzsch STA 409 CP.

Rotary Evaporators

Our group own several rotary evaporators of different brands (Büchi and Heidolph).

Welding Tool

Our group possesses a WIG welding tool (Lorch Handy TIP 180 DC) for the sealing of metal vials. For practical reasons, this can be found in a glovebox with argon as inert gas.

Self-measurement at shared equipment

STOE IPDS II, StadiVari and Gallium-Jet with Dectris Pilatus detector (single crystal x-ray diffractometer)

STOE StadiP (Powder Diffractometer)

Bruker ICON (Atomic Force Microscopes)

Themis-Z, Themis 300, FEI, Zeiss Focused Ion Beam, Zeiss Ultra, 4K UHV (SEM and TEM)

Agilent Varian Cary 5000 including the extension Praying Mantis (UV-Vis)

Agilent Varian Cary Eclipse (fluorescence)

Perkin-Elmer Spectrum GX FT-IR (IR spectrometer)

Bruker Ultrashield plus 500 (NMR spectrometer)

Quantum Design MPMS 5 (SQUID magnetometer)

Vario Micro Cube (elemental analysis)

Raman Spectroscopy Instruments