Glassblowing Workshop

Located in the Institute of Catalysis Research and Technology (IKFT) (former ITC-CPV), the glassblowing workshop is available to scientists at the INT who require unique glass pieces and small series for their research.


The glassblowing workshop is able to:

  • modify or repair existing installations and components,
  • prepare ampules and evacuate and melt ampules filled by users,
  • melt glass-to-glass-sealings between different glass types, metal-glass-seals, and glass-ceramic-seals,
  • and treat glass with diffusion coloring for UV coatings.


By commissioning work to external companies the workshop is also able to build large-scale glass apparatus, silver glass apparatus, completely laser process (cutting, marking and melting) and water-jet-cut glass, treat glass with ultrasonic grinding machines, and sinter glass.