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INT-Colloquium "The small, the big and the sustainable – nanomaterials in the next decade" by Prof. Ralph Spolenak, ETH Zurich

Wednesday, 01 July 2020, 16:30-18:00
Zoom and Campus North, Bldg. 640, 0-167

INT-Colloquium "The small, the big and the sustainable – nanomaterials in the next decade"

by Prof. Ralph Spolenak
Laboratory for Nanometallurgy, Department of Materials, ETH Zurich





Meeting-ID: 867 1164 9026
Password: 856228



Every time we make progress in the small, e.g. in micro- and nanoelectronics and in nanoelectromechanical systems, we also change something in the big. The past months have taught us that while we were used to using digital formats to assist our daily lives, now they can be used to replace many of the interactions we have in our work environment and also in teaching. We have also become aware that this replacement is not perfect as we thrive on real human interaction, but this is clear as we are only at the beginning. This talk will bring together two current tropics, one being 3D and 4D printing and the other the fabrication and usage of small structures with feature sizes of smaller than 200 nanometers, where materials can be changed from voxel to voxel. While small scale devices have merit on their own, it will also be discussed, how the learnings in the small can be transferred also to macroscopic materials utilizing beneficial size effects in materials. Finally, I will address the concept of adapting materials to the local load state. 3D printing will eventually allow us to deposit elements of high cost, low abundance or even high toxicity only where they are really required, which is an important step towards making materials more sustainable.

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