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Research Information

Matthias Hettler, Ph.D.

Tel: +49 721 608-26433

matthias hettler∂kit edu

Imaging and Diffraction

The INT hosts top level instruments in the field of electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction. The FEI Titan transmission electron microscope (TEM) and the Zeiss  scanning electron microscope (SEM) belong to the instruments which benefit nearly all groups at the INT.  Atomic force microscopes (AFM) allow the imaging and structuring of surfaces. With our scanning tunneling microscope (STM) working at cryogenic temperatures we can image the electronic structure of isolated molecules adsorbed on metallic surfaces. 

We feature STOE single-crystal X-ray diffractometer equipped with a Pilatus Dectris X-ray detector, which allows the determination of structures of very small crystallites. Our powder diffractometers by Bruker, STOE and Philips are the main work horse of our materials science groups working e.g. on battery research.   



 FEI Titan 80-300 Transmission Electron Microscope

Christian Kübel

FEI and Zeiss Focused Ion Beam Microscopes

Christian Kübel

Zeiss Ultra plus Scanning Electron Microscopes

Ralph Krupke

4K UHV Scanning Tunneling Microscope

Lukas Gerhard

Bruker ICON Atomic Force Microscopes

Stefan Walheim

Trapped Ion Electron Diffraction Installation

Detlef Schooss

STOE Single Crystal X-ray diffractometer with Dectris Pilatus detector

Andreas Eichhöfer    and    Olaf Fuhr

Bruker, Philips, and STOE X-Ray Powder Diffractometers

Andreas Eichhöfer,  Olaf Fuhr, Ben Breitung  and  Ralf Witte