Partner Institutions

Herbert Gleiter Institute of Nanoscience

The Nanjing University of Science and Technology is modelling its new institute of nanoscience on the Institute of Nanotechnology (INT). Founded in 2012, this new institute is named after and headed by Professor Herbert Gleiter, the co-founder and former director of the INT.

At the Herbert Gleiter Institute of Nanoscience, six research groups are being established, five of which will be headed by scientists from the INT, Prof. Gleiter, Prof. Hahn, Prof. Schimmel, and Prof. Fuchs (also from the University of Münster), and two by professors from the Institute of Metals Research of the Chinese Academy of Science at Shenyang, Prof. Ke Lu and Prof. Xin Jiang.

The three participating universities are endeavoring to promote cooperation by forming a partnership among the Herbert Gleiter Institute of Nanoscience, the Institute of Nanotechnology at the KIT, and the Center for NanoTechnology (CeNTech) at the University of Münster. They will exchange faculty members and graduate students, share facilities that complement each other and carry out joint research projects, joint symposia and exchange lectures.

A new laboratory building with a size and design comparable to building of the INT is under construction and is planned to be finished by 2015.


Helmholtz Institute Ulm

In cooperation with Ulm University, the INT helped found and organize the new Helmholtz Institute Ulm on Electrochemical Energy Storage (HIU) in 2011.

Unique in Germany, the HIU brings together virtually all areas of battery research in one organization, with combined efforts from four partners: the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, University of Ulm, German Aerospace Center (DLR), and the Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Wuerttemberg (ZSW).

Members of the INT currently working at the HIU include Prof. Maximilian Fichtner (HIU Director and INT Group Leader), Prof. Hahn (HIU former Founding Director and Group Leader and current INT Director), and Christian Kübel (Principal Investigator).

For more details see the HIU website.


Lehn Institute of Functional Materials

The Lehn Institute of Functional Materials (LIFM) was founded at the Sun-Yat Sen University (SYSU) in Guangzhou, China in 2010.

It began as a strategic partnership between the SYSU's School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, the Institut de Science et d'Ingénierie Supramoléculaires (ISIS) at the University of Strasbourg, and the INT.

The aim of the LIFM is to be at the frontier in the development of functional organic and inorganic materials by chemical methods. The LIFM also supports an exchange of researchers within the involved universities, educating PhD students and postdocs working on joint projects shared by groups in China and Europe.

The following INT members currently work in the LIFM: (Professor-at-Large and Honorary Director of LIFM), Dieter Fenske (Professor-at-Large and Deputy Director of LIFM), Marcel Mayor (Adjunct Professor), Andreas Eichhöfer (Adjunct Associate Professor) and Olaf Fuhr (Adjunct Associate Professor).

For more details see the LIFM website.