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At the Institute of Nanotechnology we have approximately 300 members of staff from a wide array of academic, professional and national backgrounds. Our members are scientists and students from both campuses of the KIT and other European institutions.


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Picture of Oliver Townrow and MVSOliver Townrow
Liebig Fellowship and YIG Prep Pro for Oliver Townrow

Dr. Oliver Townrow will start his independent career at INT, funded by both the VCI Liebig Fellowship and the KIT YIG Prep Pro funded fellowship. The Townrow research group will utilise the direct method metal vapour synthesis (MVS) to target novel complexes containing metals across the periodic table in their zero-oxidation state. These will then be explored as soluble Single-Atom Sources to prepare functional organometallics.

Picture of Stefanie DehnenStefanie Dehnen, KIT
Stefanie Dehnen wins the 2023 RSC/GDCh Lectureship in Chemical Sciences

For her pioneering research on molecular multinary cluster nanoarchitectures for applications in catalysts, white-light emitters, and battery materials Prof. Dr. Stefanie Dehnen was awarded the Alexander Todd-Hans Krebs Lectureship by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and the Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh).

RSC Announcement
Picture of Christopher Barner-Kowollik in a laboratoryQueensland University of Technology
Christopher Barner-Kowollik awarded the 2023 RSC Centenary Prize

Prof. Dr. Barner-Kowollik won the Centenary Prize of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) for the development and photophysical understanding of precision macromolecular photochemistry, and for excellence in communication. He and his team developed the ‘action plot analysis’ to understand photochemical processes in the realm of polymer chemistry with never-before-seen precision.

RSC Announcement
Portrait pictures of Andreas Paetzold and Frank BiedermannMarkus Breig, Amadeus Bramsiepe, KIT
ERC Consolidator Grant for Frank Biedermann

One of the prestigious Consolidator Grants of the European Research Council (ERC) was awarded to Dr. Frank Biedermann of INT for his "SupraSense" project on highly specific sensors for medical diagnostics that mimic enzyme pockets. T.T.-Prof. Dr. Ulrich W. Paetzold of IMT received a Consolidator Grant for his LAMI-PERO project on perovskite solar cells.

KIT Press Release
Portrait picture of Prof. Dr. Jürgen JanekRolf K. Wegst
Greve Prize for Jürgen Janek

The Leopoldina National Academy of Sciences awarded the newly established Greve Prize to Prof. Dr. Jürgen Janek (Justus Liebig University at Gießen and KIT, INT) and Prof. Dr. Kerstin Volz (Philipps University at Marburg) for their research on fundamental properties of solid-state batteries.

Leopoldina Press Release
Portrait picture of new Executive Director Prof. Dr. Stefanie DehnenStefanie Dehnen, KIT
New Executive Director of INT

On October 1st 2022 Prof. Dr. Stefanie Dehnen succeeded Prof. Dr.-Ing. Horst Hahn as Executive Director of the INT. Prof. Dehnen won the Leibniz-Preis for her research on Inorganic Molecular Chemistry in 2022.

Executive Director Prof. Dr. Stefanie Dehnen
Picture of the award ceremony with Mrs. Hagel and Mrs. LauerKIT, Daniela Di Maio
Outstanding Performance Award for INT Management Assistants

Mrs. Heidi Hagel and Mrs. Felicitas Lauer have received the award for Outstanding Performance in their support  of INT scientists by the KIT Freundeskreis und Fördergesellschaft e.V. within the event "Junge Talente" on May 21st, 2022.

"Junge Talente"
Portrait picture of Pascal FriederichAmadeus Bramsiepe, KIT
Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Award for Pascal Friederich

The prize is considered the most distinguished award for young investigators in Germany. In his work, Pascal Friederich focuses on the use of artificial intelligence in material simulation, virtual material design, and autonomous experimental platforms for automatic material recognition.

KIT Press Release
Honorary doctorate for Jürgen JanekTU Delft, Annelies van't Hul
Honoray Doctorate for Prof. Dr. Jürgen Janek

For his long and successful research on Solid State Ionics Prof. Dr. Jürgen Janek was awarded an honory doctorate by the Technical University of Delft, Netherlands (Laudatio starts at 7:20).

Youtube video of the Award Ceremony
Dr. Frank Biedermann received the Life Sciences Bridge Award 2021Uwe Dettmar
Life Sciences Bridge Award for Dr. Frank Biedermann

In 2021 the Aventis Foundation granted this highly-endowed Postdoctoral Award to researchers working at research-intensive German universities.  Dr. Frank Biedermann from INT was one of only three awardees.

Award winner Dr. Frank Biedermann
Portrait pictures of Jürgen Janek and Martin WegenerKIT/Janek/Wegener
Highly Cited Researchers 2020

INT research unit heads Prof. Dr. Jürgen Janek and Prof. Dr. Martin Wegener are among the eight KIT scientists on the 2020 list of Highly Cited Researchers by Clarivate / Web of Science.

Press information (in German)
INT Ececutive Director Prof. Horst HahnKIT
Prof. Horst Hahn elected NAI Fellow

Our Executive Director received an award from the US National Academy of Inventors (NAI).

NAI press release
Picture of the ARES project group with Prof. Schimmel that won first prize in the VIP+ program of BMBFTatjana Bielke
Validation Award for "Project ARES"

The transfer project for using Air REtaining Surfaces to lower the friction of ship hulls with the surrounding water, led by the group of Prof. Thomas Schimmel, garnered first place in the VIP+ program of the BMBF. 

Validation Award VIP+
Picture of Prof. Martin Wegener and Prof. Maximilian FichtnerKIT
Excellence Strategy: INT scientists successful

Prof. Martin Wegener succeeded with the cluster of excellence proposal for "3D Matter Made to Order". Prof. Maximilian Fichtner got the nod for "Energy Storage Beyond Lithium". We congratulate both for their resounding success.

Two Clusters of Excellence
Helmholtz International Fellow Award for Prof. Yuval Gefen

Prof. Yuval Gefen from the Weizmann Institute, nominated by the INT, received a highly prestigious Helmholtz International Fellow Award.

Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft News
Picture of Prof. Martin Wegener
Prof. Martin Wegener elected as new member of acatech

The German National Acedemy of Science and Engineering acatech elected Prof. Martin Wegener as a new member in recognition of his scientific achievements.

acatech announcement
Picture of Prof. Herbert Gleiter
Czochralski Award for Prof. Herbert Gleiter

Prof. Herbert Gleiter received the Jan Czochralski Award for his Lifetime Achievements in Material Science at the European MRS Fall Meeting 2018.

Jan Czochralski Award
Picture of award ceremony Leibniz prize Prof. WernsdorferDFG/ David Ausserhofer
Leibniz Award for Prof. Wolfgang Wernsdorfer

The Deutsche Forschungs- gemeinschaft recognized Prof. Wernsdorfer's pioneering work on nanomagnetism and single-molecule magnets. The latter could represent the Qbits of Quantum Information devices.

Leibniz Award for Wolfgang Wernsdorfer
Prof. Wernsdorfer received a European Research Council Advanced Grant

Prof. Wolfgang Wernsdorfer, research unit chair at the INT, won an ERC Advanced Grant for his research project "Molecular quantum opto-spintronics." / KIT News
Prof. Hahn was elected as a Member to the US NAE
Prof. Hahn elected as a member of the US National Academy of Engineering

Prof. Horst Hahn, Director of the INT, was elected a member of the US NAE for his contributions to the science and engineering of nanostructured materials with tailored and tunable properties.

NAE News
Wegener 3d printing
Prof. Wegener is awarded Erwin Schrödinger Prize

Prof. Martin Wegener, research unit chair at the INT, receives, together with Profs. M. Bastmeyer and Ch. Barner-Kowollik, Erwin Schrödinger Prize for cell cultivation in a 3D-laserprinted ultrasmall "Petri dish."

Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft News
Prof. Gumbsch elected as a member of the US National Academy of Engineering

Prof. Peter Gumbsch, research unit chair at the INT, was elected a member of the US NAE for his multiscale modeling research in the fields of fracture mechanics and deformation behavior of materials.

Prof. Rockstuhl elected as 2016 Fellow of the Optical Society of America

Prof. Carsten Rockstuhl, research unit chair at the INT, was recently elected as an OSA Fellow for his seminal contributions to the field of theoretical and computational nanophotonics.

OSA News
Prof. Gleiter is awarded a Cothenius Medal

Prof. Herbert Gleiter, one of the founders of the INT, receives a Cothenius Medal from the Leopoldina.

Leopoldina News