Spectroscopy and Analysis

In addition to the necessary analytical and spectroscopic instruments like NMR  or MALDI.-TOF, we also provide home-build installations like for Raman microscopy.  Our TEM instrument can analyze samples via EELS and the EDX capability of our focused ion beam (FIB) instrument is a useful tool for the material science research at the INT.

Waters Synapt MALDI-TOF and IMMS Instrument

Marco Neumaier

Bruker NMR 500 Instrument

Michal Valásek

4K UHV Scanning Tunneling Microscope

Lukas Gerhard

Bruker ESI-TOF and HPLC Instrument

Olaf Fuhr

Raman Spectroscopy Instruments

Sergei Lebedkin

Transmission Electron Microscope (EELS and EDX)

Di Wang

Christian Kübel

FEI and Zeiss Focused Ion Beam Microscopes (EDX)

Torsten Scherer

Sabine Schlabach

Zeiss Ultra plus Scanning Electron Microscope

Simone Dehm