From 3D STED-Lithography to Dip-Pen Nanolithography,  from structuring via AFM or via SEM to UHV deposition and cutting  via FIB, the INT provides a large variety of methods to structure surfaces or even three-dimensional structure. One of the latest additions is the Ceradrop Inkjet printer that is the main instrument of our printable electronics research. 

STED Lithography Installation

Paul Somers

NanoInk Dip-Pen Nanolithography Systems (DPN5000/NLP2000)

Michael Hirtz

Bruker ICON Atomic Force Microscopes

Stefan Walheim

FEI and Zeiss Focused Ion Beam Microscopes

Torsten Scherer

Sabine Schlabach

Magnetron-Sputtering, Reactive Ion Etching and UHV Vapor Deposition

Detlef Beckmann