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Research Information
Matthias Hettler

Dr. Matthias Hettler

Tel: +49 (0)721 608-26433

matthias hettler∂kit edu

Synthesis and Testing

Our synthetic capabilities in chemistry and nanomaterials are the foundation of our research efforts. The main installations are either home-build or custom-made according to our designs. We also feature battery testing facility to ensure controlled and reproducible performance of our battery prototypes. 


UHV-Cluster Deposition Installation


Inert Gas Condensation Installation

Julia Ivanisenko

Magnetron-Sputtering Deposition Installation

Robert Kruk

High Pressure Torsion Installation

Julia Ivanisenko

High-Vakuum Oven for Synthesis

Robert Kruk

Anorganic Synthesis Laboratories

Masooma Ibrahim, Andreas Eichhöfer and Olaf Fuhr

Organic Synthesis Laboratories

Svetlana Klyatskaya and Michal Valášek

Arbin Battery Testing Facility

Maximilian Fichtner