Zhirong Zhao-Karger

Dr. Zhirong Zhao-Karger

  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
    Institute of Nanotechnology
    Hermann-von-Helmholtz-Platz 1
    76344 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen, Germany

Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D. (Dr. rer. nat.), Institute of Organic Chemistry/University Hannover (2006)

Postdoctoral fellow, Catalysis Research Laboratory (CaRLa), the joint Catalysis Research Laboratory/University Heidelberg and BASF (2007-2008)

Research scientist, Hydrogen storage, Institute of Nanotechnology/Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) (2008-2012)

Research scientist, Electrochemical energy storage, Helmholtz Institute Ulm (HIU)/KIT (2013-present)

Research Topics

Rechargeable Mg and Ca batteries

Organic electrode materials for batteries

January 2015, Vol. 5          June 2017, Vol. 5                    September 2019           December 2019, Vol. 12        August 2020, Vol. 16

Selected Publications

  1. · The Metamorphosis of Rechargeable Magnesium Batteries, R. Mohtadi, O. Tutusaus, T. Arthur, Zh. Zhao-Karger, M. Fichtner, Joule, 2021, 5, 1-37

    · Performance Study of MXene/Carbon Nanotube Composites for Current Collector- and Binder-Free Mg-S Batteries, H. Kaland, F. Håskjold Fagerli, J. Hadler-Jacobsen, Zh. Zhao-Karger, M. Fichtner, K. Wiika and N. P. Wagner, ChemSusChem, 2021, 14, 1-11

    · Investigation on the Formation of Mg metal Anode/Electrolyte Interfaces in Mg/S Batteries with Electrolyte Additives, B.P. Vinayan, Zh. Zhao-Karger, T. Diemant, M. Jäckle, A. Gross, R.J. Behm, M. Fichtner, J. Mater. Chem. A, 2020, 8, 22098-23010

    · Insights into self-discharge of lithium and magnesium sulfur batteries, R. Richter, J. Häcker, Zh. Zhao-Karger, T. Danner, N. Wagner, M. Fichtner, K. Friedrich, and A. Latz, ACS Applied Energy Materials, 2020, 3, 8457-8474

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    · Modeling of ion agglomeration in magnesium electrolytes and its impacts on the battery performance, J. Drews, T. Danner, P. Jankowski, T. Vegge, J.M. Garcia-Lastra, R. Liu, Z. Zhao-Karger, M. Fichtner, A. Latz, ChemSusChem, 2020, 13, 3599-3604

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