Luisa De Cola

Prof. Dr. Luisa De Cola



About Hybrid Nanomaterials

Prof. Luisa De Cola's Research Unit "Hybrid Nanomaterials" is comprised of a group of physicists and chemists from Institute of Nanotechnology at the KIT and the University of Strasbourg.

Research projects in Hybrid Nanomaterials focus on:

  • developing and studying new organic-inorganic Hybrid Nanomaterials for applications in optoelectronics, photonics and biomedicine
  • designing functional molecules to be integrated in nanosized and/or nanoporous materials
  • using self-assembly processes to obtain integrated nanostructures active in topics such as responsive membranes, photonics and lasing, sensing, and energy conversion.
Research Projects
Project Function Scientist
Analyte Detection with High Affinity Chemosensors (Emmy-Noether Group) Group Leader
Responsive Nanomaterials for Biomedicine and Electronics Project Leader




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Curriculum Vitae

Birthplace and date: Messina (Italy), 15/07/1960
Position: since 1 October 2012 Full Professor (Chair of Supramolecular and biomaterial chemistry) at ISIS, University of Strasbourg, France

Most relevant appointments in her scientific career
1978-1983 Laurea in Chemistry summa cum laude, University of Messina (Italy), supervisor Prof. Raffaello Romeo.
1984-1986 Postdoctoral fellow (NIH) at the Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, USA (supervisor: Prof. Lidia M. Vallarino).
1986-1990 Researcher National Research Council, CNR, Instituto F.R.A.E, Bologna (group leader Prof. Vincenzo Balzani).
1990-1998 Assistant Professor University of Bologna (Italy).
1998-2004 Full Professor, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands), chair of Molecular Photonic Materials.
since 2005 Full Professor (C4) in Physics and Chemistry, University of Münster (Germany) chair of Nanoelectronics and Nanophotonics.
2005-2006 Adjunct Professor, HIMS, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2006-2012 Part-time Professor Department of Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry group, University of Twente, The Netherlands
2012 - Adjunct Scientist at the Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT), Germany

Guest/Visiting Professorships
1987/88 University of Fribourg, Switzerland
1999 University of Leuven, Belgium
2001 University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), USA
2002 University of Bordeaux, France
2007 Harvard University, Boston, USA and University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain
2008 University of Malaga, Spain
2009 ISIS and ULP, Strasbourg, France and University of Sassari
2010 University of Tokyo
2011 MIT, Boston, USA

Other relevant scientific activities
Prof. De Cola has been in the editorial board of Inorganic Chemistry, Chemical Society Reviews, and from 2011 she is a member of the editorial board of Chemistry of Materials (ACS), ChemPhysChem and ChemPlusChem (Wiley). She was and is coordinator of European projects and member of evaluation committees (ERC).
Scientific Profile and Scientific Output
Prof. De Cola is working in 2 main research areas: a) luminescent and electro-luminescent materials for optical and electroluminescent devices; b) nanomaterials for imaging diagnostics and therapy. She has published 260 papers and filed 23 patents.
She has been invited to more than 150 conferences as plenary or invited speakers, more than 200 schools or lectures in several universities all over the world. She has a H index of 49 and more than 9000 citations (see profile from the web of science).

Awards and Professional Appointments

1986 Prize for chemistry "Fondazione U. Bonino e M.S. Pulejo"
1987-1989 CNR scholarship
1993 Prize for Chemistry of the "Accademia di Scienze Fisiche e Matematiche di Napoli".
1995 Federchimica National Prize "per un futuro intelligente (for a smart future)".
1995 International Prize of the European Photochemistry Association "Grammaticakis-Neumann"
2004 Finalist of the Descartes Prize 2004
2003-2007 Member of the Advisory Board for the Chemistry Department, Imperial College of London.
2009 European Research Council, ERC Advanced Grant Award.
2011 IUPAC prize for the most distinguished women in the field of chemistry and chemical engineering
2012 Gutenberg Chair Award
2013 President of the Bürgenstock conference