Molecular Electronics

In molecular electronics, molecules are used as the functional elements in an electronic device. Recent work with magnetic molecules and molecules such as chromophores show the ability to manipulate quantum degrees of freedom in a transport experiment to a very high degree, including the nuclear spin of the magnetic atom.

At the INT we are one of the pioneers of this field of research. Currently we focus on aspects like spintronics or optoelectronic effects. We also work on producing basic devices based on these molecules in collaboration with other groups at INT and KIT.

Sketch of Spiromolecule with STM tip
Quantum Control

Low-temperature STM for transport and electro- luminescence of single molecules

Lukas Gerhard

Wulf Wulfhekel

Tailor-Made Molecules for Electronics

Molecules that bridge the gap between molecular function and devices

Michal Valášek

Marcel Mayor

molecules as qubits
Molecular Spintronics

Interplay of electronic and nuclear spins of magnetic molecules and itinerant electrons of electrodes

Mario Ruben

Electronic wavefunction near a Quantum Hall transition exhibiting multifractal amplitude fluctuations.
Electron Transport in Molecules

Transport and molecular switches  with DFT, non-equilibrium Green functions and more

Alexander Mirlin