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TEM Sample Holders

Turning electron microscopy into more than just an imaging tool
TEM Sample HoldersDi Wang, KIT

In-situ TEM

Bruke Picoindenter PI95 Bruker Inc.
Bruker Picoindenter PI95

In-situ mechanical deformation

Pillar compression

Push-to-pull straining

Protochips Aduro Tip Di Wang, KIT
Protochips Aduro

In-situ heating and electrical biasing

Temperature: RT - 1200 C

Keithley Power Supply

Protochips Fusion 210 Tip Protochips Inc.
Protochips Fusion 210

Double-tilt Heating and electrical biasing holder

Temperature: RT - 1200 C

Keithley power supply

Protochips Poseidon 510 Protochips Inc.
Protochips Poseidon 510

In-situ electrochemistry holder

various liquids

Gamry and Keithley power supply

Protochips Atmosphere Protochips Inc.
Protochips Atmosphere

In-situ/operando gas holder

Pressure: <1 bar

Temperature: RT - 1000 C

RGA analysis available

AXON Protochips Inc.
Protochips AXON & Clarity
ZEPTools STM-TEM holder ZEPTools
ZEPTools TEM-STM holder

Double tilt In-Situ TEM-STM holder

Tilt-range: alpha: +/- 35°, beta: +/- 25°

Gatan 652 Heating Holder Gatan Inc.
Gatan Heating 652

In-situ heating

Temperature: RT - 800 C

Double Tilt

Gatan 654 Straining Holder Gatan Inc.
Gatan Straining 654

In-situ heating & straining

Electron Tomography

Fischione Tomography Holder 2020 Di Wang, KIT
Fischione Tomography 2020

Single tilt tomography +/-80°

Fischione Tomography Holder 2021 ThermoFisher
Fischione Analytical Tomography 2021

Analytical single tilt tomography +/- 80°

Fischione Tomography Holder 2050 Di Wang, KIT
Fischione On-Axis Tomography 2050

360° tomography holder for needle-like specimens

Cryo- & Vacuum-Transfer

Gatan 915 Cryo-Transfer Holder Gatan Inc.
Gatan Cryo-Transfer Holder 915

Double-tilt cryo-transfer

Temperature range: -175° to 80°

Tilt-range: alpha: +/- 40°, beta: +/- 25°

Gatan 648 Vacuum Transfer Holder Gatan Inc.
Gatan Vacuum Transfer Holder 648

Double-tilt vacuum transfer

Standard and Analytical TEM

ThermoFisher Analytical Double Tilt Holder ThermoFisher
Analytical Double-Tilt Holder

Tilt-range: alpha: +/- 40°, beta: +/- 25°

TEM specimen clamped

Analytical Double-Tilt Holder

Tilt-range: alpha: +/- 40°, beta: +/- 25°

Hex-ring locked

FEI Single Tilt Holder
Analytical Single-Tilt

Tilt-range: +/-40°