Sample Handling

Handling sensitive samples for TEM analysis is one of the major challenges in many different research areas. Dealing with sample preparation in a glovebox is always a challenge, in particular for in-situ TEM experiments.

Therefore, we have developed a piezo controlled sample loading setup that can be remotely controlled inside a glove box to simplify loading of air sensitive samples for TEM analysis. The setup is particularly designed for handling MEMS chips which are the basis for in-situ heating, electrical, liquid and gas atmosphere experiments. With the help of cameras monitoring the sample from different angles, the MEMS chips can be loaded with sample and handled using piezo controllers to assemble it in the holder and close the holder to provide an air tight environment. The movie below gives an idea how this works.

SmarAct Micromanipulator Sample Handling

Handling MEMS chips for in-situ TEM remotely from outside the glovebox using a home build micromaniplator System with SmarAct controllers, which are monitored by various cameras to get a 3D impression during sample handling. The movie shows the transfer of a MEMS chip to an in-situ TEM liquid holder.